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Monday, November 22, 2010

Dining with President Bush, the Elder

Some of you have followed my past travel escapades, chronicling my consumption of greasy convenience foods sold through terminal huts dotted across one airport and another. The middle of our country offers brats with beer, East coast—Philly steak sandwiches and at every gate—sugary sodas, specialty coffees, donuts, cheeseburgers and pizza. After four months of raw to near raw dieting, my taste buds hoped for something less slimy and more—dare I say—healthy. When I found that my planes transferred in Houston between Sacramento and Memphis, I figured my only option would be Tex-Mex or Texas BBQ. I was partially correct.

Immediately off the breezeway stood an elevator to a Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen with a menu that included fresh fish—tempting but a little too early for dinner. I took the hike from Terminal E, incoming flight, to Terminal B, outgoing flight which proved to be a work out when carrying a loaded computer backpack. The food options along the Houston airport ranged, as expected, from pizza to ribs to enchiladas. Losing some heart as to my options, I found myself considering hiking all the way back to the seafood place. After checking my gate, my time, and a souvenir shop, I retraced my steps finding myself in center of the terminal looking at the caramel apples beckoning me through the window of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. With resolve I turned on my heel and walked smack into The Real Food Company.

I must have walked by the strip of food outlets a couple of times. The Real Food Company offered the usual airport fare in individual shops with the last two serving up made to order salads and handmade-in-front-of-your-eyes sushi. For less than twelve bucks, I had a small customized salad made with two slices of raw tuna plopped on top. Adding a bottle of spring water, I had a yummy raw meal fit for a…well…shrinking dieter like myself. I hated to eat alone so I consumed my healthy meal at the foot of a bronze statue of our former President George H.W. Bush. I wanted to ask him if, theoretically, he lay on his death bed what would he say to his children if they flew to his side. What the heck. When in Houston…so I asked. President Bush remained stone-cold silent on the subject.