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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Seventeen hours until NFL Super Bowl XLV. My husband, born in Saratoga, California, is a dyed-in-the-wool Green Bay fan—the reason, a mystery to us all. Still he is very excited, even inviting my mother, 49er fan, over to watch the game. There is something symbolic about a son-in-law requesting to spend time with his mother-in-law. It’s the frenzy of the gaming season, I guess.

My question is what to serve on Super Sunday? The Moose is on a restricted diet—no brats and beer. I’m a fresh flexitarian—definition not forthcoming—suffice to say I eat some meat and fish with a lot of fresh fruit and veg. Mom is a traditionalist liking food that is reminiscent of the mid-century. That would be the last century. Plus I invited a few guests that may or may not pop by who may have restrictions of their own.

Most media menu suggestions include salty-greasy snacks followed by pizza, hot dogs, burgers, melted cheese dips, and enough cholesterol to kill every guest by the end of half-time. The stores are loaded with Super Bowl cakes, cupcakes, and decorated brownies. Tubs of caramel popcorn and chocolate dipped pretzel adorn the aisles. Is there a chance of finding anything that looks like big-screen TV food but will not demolish our digestive tracks?

Might I suggest a modest theme from across the ocean—the Pacific Ocean—Japanese Food. When it comes to sports nuts, the Japanese qualify. From ping-pong to baseball, this country loves sports. And when it comes to finger foods, they pretty much have the market cornered with healthy options filled with fish protein and high mineral seaweed.

So I have come up with this menu for tomorrow’s game.

Snacks: Wasabi Green Peas (Green), Vegan Sesame Chips (Yellow), Sesame Blue chips (Black)
Finger Foods: California Roll (Green), Yellow Fin Sashimi (Yellow), Dragon Roll (Black)
Grilled: Teriyaki Chicken & Beef
Dessert: Green Tea Ice Cream, Japanese White Jello garnished with canned yellow peaches
Hot Teas: Green Tea and Black Well Dragon Tea

So the best to the Green & Yellow Packers and to the Black & Yellow Steelers. I am eating healthy this Super Sunday.