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Friday, August 23, 2013


I caught ten minutes of Dr. Oz today, looking for the weather.  He had some dude named Chris Powell on the show. Mr. Powell said one should take his or her current weight and multiply that number by twelve. The product or total is the number of calories that you can eat per day and maintain your weight. More calories you eat above that number the more you gain. The less you lose. By my calculations, I can eat a Twinkie before each meal and still lose weight. Yeah, I’m that fat and skeptical.
I flipped to the news before that particular fairytale took hold of my diet-racked brain. I do have empirical evidence that Mr. Powell is off the mark by +/- 800 calories.
Does anyone watch Dr. Oz? I am not a good judge of what is popular on television. I am limited in my genre—Antiques Roadshow, any movies rated G, old Brit films, Sunday CNN (madly in love with Fareed Zakaria’s brain), The Daily Show, and Jewelry TV.
Dr. Oz seems (to me) to be a snake oil salesman. The kind of person that sells a product based on the revenue generated rather than the actual merits of the product. I could be mistaken about Dr. Oz. I doubt if I have ever seen more than fifteen minutes of his show. For those who like him, my apologies.
My husband watched the show when he was heavily medicated along with Ghost Hunters and Shark Week. Every time I walked into the living room, Dr. Oz’s show touted the best diet along with the author of that program. If every day the show presents a great diet program and its been on air since 2009, how many great diets would that be? Seventy? One Hundred? More? Then shouldn’t any old diet do?
I find that kind of help not helpful.
Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: ½ c Rasin Bran w/ Banana and almond milk.  I made my coffee but forgot to pour it into a cup.
Mid-morning Meltdown: Emergency stop at Starbucks for a Grande Soy Vanilla (2 pump) Latte. Whew! They say anything that is addicting will allow the sellers to put long product labels on it. Then people will ask for it by name and wait in long lines to get it. Like Camel Non-filters Box, Godiva Pineapple Hummingbird Truffle, and In & Out Lemontini.  It’s a human thing.
Lunch: Picked up Chinese food at Ranch 99 Market, Franklin Boulevard. Shared it with Mom, her dog, and mine.  Chow Mein, Chicken Legs (Mom), Pork Ribs (dogs), Mixed Veg, and Tofu skin.
BTW all that was $17. That place is cheap and good.
Snack: Fresh strawberries blended with Almond milk.
Dinner: Stir fry mix of leftover tofu skin & mix veg, with garlic, ginger, mini corn, fresh mushrooms, sprouted mung beans, and oyster sauce.
Blog snack: figs, pecans, and candied ginger.
I skipped the Twinkies.