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Monday, February 17, 2014


I want to be a writer.
Aren’t you published?
Then are you a writer?
I want to be a full time writer.
Why aren’t you a full-time writer?
My husband died, then I got cancer, then I needed income…
Is that the reason?
What is the reason?
Well, I need to make money.
Don’t writers make money?
Yes, some but not much.
So how much money do you need to make?
On what?
What I want to do.
Didn’t you say you wanted to be a full-time writer?
Yes, but…
But what?
I want to travel and get some new clothes and…
Didn’t you say you wanted to be a full-time writer?
Isn’t that goal worth a sacrifice or two?
Yes, but I need to make some money now.
Don’t you have a job?
Don’t you make money?
Yes, but…
Do you see a problem?
There is so little time.
Between work, the dog, church…
Didn’t you watch the entire season of House of Cards this weekend and last month, Game of Thrones seasons one, two and three?
Hey, I can relax once in a while.
Jeopardy? Nova? Downton Abbey?
Okay. Okay. I have time.
And the dedication?
So what is stopping you?

Ah, therein lies the problem.