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Friday, October 18, 2013


The young cashier asked, "Is that cinnamon?"
"What?" I dug through my purse looking for my wallet. I looked up to see her holding the bag with six cinnamon sticks. "Yes. That is cinnamon. Haven't you seen cinnamon sticks before?"
"I like dump a stick with honey in a cup and add boiling water." The clerk looked confused. "Cinnamon tea. It's a healthy drink."
"Oh." She smiled her perky condescending smile. "My mom loves tea. She makes a lot of it at once then drinks it cold. You know, iced tea. I'll tell her about this. She might like it."
Why is it conversations with young people evokes the reference to mom or grandma? I am after all attempting to converse with her. Probably my fault for mentioning the word boiling. I should have said microwave or hot. Don't think she boils water in a teapot. It is a lost art. My mom microwaves her water. There, I did it. I mentioned mom. Did everyone relate?