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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Emerald Isle

I am packing and getting excited. In six days, I will wing my way to the Emerald Isle. My trip will fulfill the last request of my dearly departed Moose—Paul.
It had been our plan for years to go to Ireland for a vacation when he got well. He didn’t. At the end we planned his memorial service in Fremont, one in Sacramento, and the scattering of his ashes upon a park in the Bay area.  Every detail of his wishes, I kept true. The playing of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. Rebeca singing in Spanish, How Great Thou Art! Tamera reciting the lyrics to Loreena McKennitt’s Dante's Prayer which at the moment plays softly in the background of my computer.
But his last request was to ask me carry his ashes around my neck in a silver locket and to bring the last of his ashes with me to Ireland. I am to find a pub that we would have picked had we gone there together.
 “There,” Paul said, “I would have drunk whiskey till the pub closed. So I want you to flush my ashes down the john…because you know part of me would have ended up there any way.”
Who could have turned down such a noble quest?
I take with me three princesses—my goddaughter Brandy, cousins Cindy and Carolthat loved Paul like I do. After two years, we finally carry his ashes to his ancestral homeland on his maternal side. 
We will dance, drink and sing. We will celebrate and remember the man.
Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me
    Loreena McKennitt’s Dante's Prayer
Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: Hot oatmeal and almond milk. Coffee with agave syrup and almond milk.
Snack: Home grown Fuji Apples
Lunch: Pasta, peas, marinara.
Snack:  Home grown Fuji apples
Dinner: Leftover black bean soup and sourdough bread

Snack: Chocolate covered cranberries