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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Packing for Ireland

Our packing list for Ireland.

The passport neck thingy can be had at a shop that sells travel stuff like luggage. I am using my convention pass holder or use a fishing license holder.  Oh and airports sell them. In that will be passport credit card enough Euro money for food and spending plus Dollars for the American airports.

In an over-sized purse.  Itinerary. iPad and charger. Cell phone that works in the UK or pick up a cheap phone there. Maybe a camera but maybe not if i have the iPad then we don't really need it do we? Change of underwear, emergency toiletries and enough snacks to get from one country to another. Sickness pills and pain killers. Plus prescription medications if needed. Jennifer Lin taught me the Chinese style of packing which has you carry one of those compressed towels, soap, and tiny toothpaste. She didn't trust the basics will be available everywhere.
The roll-around suitcase that fits in the overhead 22 inches or less.  Coat sweater change of clothes for six days Night gown pajamas undies socks bras at least two pairs of good walking shoes cute shoes umbrella  scarves. Something green. Nothing orange. Paul's ashes in a locket. Make up toiletries condoms if needed which I won't Alka Selzer or morning after cure flip flops work out outfit there is a gym. Not sure if there is a pool if yes bathing suit.  Would bring it any way. Brush comb toothbrush. Jewelry  but not to expensive in case you loose it. I like to travel in a skirt so everything can hang out and breathe. Also a shawl that doubles as a blanket. Keys to get back into the house when you home.Hopefully, everything fits in one roll around bag. Oh an extra foldable bag to hold the junk you will buy on the trip, drag from airport to airport, and wonder why you bought it.

Copy your Itinerary + a photo copy of passport and credit cards sealed in an envelope for the suitcase. This is in case you are separated from your purse and/or neck thingy.
Pack a smile. It always helps in travel.