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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Buying Seeds

Annette and my mother suggested trying WinCo as a place to pick up sprouting seeds. Paul, my husband, and I made the trek yesterday afternoon. WinCo smelled like Food4Less. If you understand that analogy then you know that I did not purchase the produce. Customer service held my keys as ransom for the electric cart that Paul used to zip – correction to creep – around the store. The bulk dry and organic foods were numerous and cheap. I picked up several types – mung bean, golden flax, lentils, and hemp. Paul and I cruised the store for other finds but only grabbed the bagels from the bakery then checked out. After unloading the bags and Paul into the car, I returned the electric cart to customer service to reclaim my keys. Back in the parking lot, I realized that my Starbucks member card worth about seventy-five cents no longer hung next to my library card on the key ring. Well, I am giving up coffee so the loss of a Starbucks card is not a problem.