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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plateau - Zero Weight Loss

This is the blog I dreaded writing. I did not lose any weight this week. So what’s different?

1. No fasting. I lost five pounds last week after fasting for three days.
2. I added sprouted lentils and sunflower seeds to my salads.
3. I did not walk my usual three days per week.
I think the exercise is the big factor here.

After my weigh-in this morning I took Poindexter for a walk around Bear Dog Park where there is an open space of Roseville, relatively undisturbed that is reminiscent of my childhood memories of this place – BE – before expansion. This sweet lady from Rocklin and her dog Cocoa joined our walk making the journey more pleasant with conversation.

Over a year ago, while hiking around Lake Don Castro in Hayward, I met a woman who had lost over eighty pounds in less than a year. She said the key to weight loss is walking five miles a day. I worked up to three miles but never the five. To hit my weight goals I know I will need to build up to five miles per day.

Sunday I talked with my bible study group about this diet. I explained that obese according to Dr. Timothy Brantley is fifty pounds overweight. At the instant I said the word I realized I am no longer obese. I heard birds sing! I am within nine pounds of goal to be a kidney donor for Paul and forty-four pounds to go to my ideal weight. Okay I hit my first plateau but I am rapidly heading toward my November 6th targets. And November is a long way off.