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Friday, July 16, 2010

Start with Water

Thank you for your well wishes and comments about my blog. Many of you have asked how to start the diet. First, let me say I am NOT a doctor, nutritionist, dietitian, or other medical professional. Second, I think you should start by reading “The Cure” by Dr. Timothy Brantley or visit his website is This will give you information on the value of water, evils of pasteurization, dangers of table salt, and a myriad of food options.
For one week, I started with water. I did not change anything except what I drank. By substituting tepid filtered water for diet sodas and increasing my water intake from one or two glasses a day to one cup every half hour, I dropped weight and felt better immediately.
My friend, shy Mrs. RT, suggested the following:
“Hi Pam, Congratulations on starting a new eating plan! Six pounds in six days sounds fast, though. Are you sure you are eating enough and that you're getting all the nutrients you need? Maybe you should run this by your doctor so he can keep a watch on your health.
I'm right there with you trying to lose weight. This is my second or third week. My strategy isn't as complicated. I'm trying to stick to a fixed number of calories per day (for me, right now, 1500), making sure most of them are healthy. I'm taking the focus off the diet and just telling myself that I have to eat somewhere around that many calories. In time, my bodyweight should come down to normal (I hope.). I don't know how long this will take and I don't really care. Slow and steady. That is what I'm hoping for. So far, so good, but we all know how that goes. I must say it feels good not worrying about a 'diet'. Having been on diets so often, I can pretty much tell you the calories in anything. That makes this very easy for me. I'm rooting for you. Stay in good health, though.
Have a doctor or dietitian check your diet out.”
So start with the book or website, water, and check-up with your doctor.