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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Skinny Ankles and Wearing Smaller Size

I couldn’t wait until my Tuesday morning weigh-in to give some news about this amazing diet adventure. My ankles have shrunk two inches and I put on a formerly too-small, raw-silk slack outfit I purchased three years ago. These are major events in a dieter’s life.
There is more. I have not had a headache in two weeks. I did take some Advil after using a chainsaw on a couple of branches on the shade tree out back. I expected a few aches and pains.
The most amazing thing so far is the lack of sugar-withdrawal shakes and nervousness. Do you have that when you diet? That drop in blood sugar that can happen about two hours after you have a donut, dessert, or candy item? Then there is the long period of shaking as the chocolate and sugar leave your system. Other than an occasional starving feeling in my stomach, which can be abated with a glass of water, I have none of those sugar drops at all. I am eating sweets in the form of watermelon, grapes, apples, honey, agave syrup, strawberries, blackberries, and the sweetest of all ripe peaches. Yum. I have not touched baked goods or processed food.
The only temptation that has happened in the sweets category occurred as my husband and I were about to leave the theatre, having just seen “Inception.” The movie ran two hours. I missed lunch spending my time with the chainsaw on the aforementioned tree. Paul handed me his box of Skittles to hold while he pushed his wheelchair.
I came unglued. “You don’t hand a junkie dope or give an alcoholic a bottle of whiskey.”
Paul apologized and so did I after he took the candy back.
Today’s breakfast: two soft boiled eggs with sea salt and soy butter. Coffee with soy milk.
Snack: one slice sprouted flax bread lightly toasted with soy butter and honey.
Lunch: Salmon, pea pods, carrots, mushrooms, and Mrs. Dash, steamed until warm and crunchy. Sprinkled with whole milk hard cheese shavings.
Snack: eight grapes
Dinner: Sliced Jicama to dip in homemade guacamole and salsa. Salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber.
Snack: ½ cup whole milk yogurt, handful of strawberries, drizzle of honey.